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Piano, Voice, Theory Instruction Via Skype Worldwide

Situated in Toronto, Canada, our online instruction program provides piano and voice students with the most effective training in Classical, Jazz, Pop and Contemporary music. 

Nazarian Arts Academy specializes in preparing students for the Royal Conservatory of Music exams in Canada and US. Our instructors are fully certified within Ontario and hold degree from prestigious North American universities, some of whom currently hold positions in various academic institutes. Whether you’re enrolled or thinking of applying, continue browsing to find out about our theory and practical instructions. 

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Our Piano Program

Royal Conservatory Of Music Requirements

Online piano lessons are truly effective, in that, every aspect of the music is fully analyzed, demonstrated, and clearly communicated to students.  The cameras are always angled such that, students are able to clearly see the hand positions and  fingering from either side view or top view.  Our instructors speak clear North American English and aim to clarify any ambiguity that you or your child may have during or after the lessons. 

What age groups can learn?

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All age groups are able to easily follow the instructions.  For younger learners (ages 5 or less), we recommend that an adult be present to facilitate with the needs.  Although, some of our young learners have already adapted to independent training!

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Our RCM instructors put students on the path to obtaining Royal Conservatory of Music certification, which would enable them to teach in musical institutions.

  • Grade 1 Practical

  • Grade 2 Practical

  • Grade 3 Practical

  • Grade 4 Practical

  • Grade 5 Practical, Level 5 Theory or Basic Rudiments

  • Grade 6 Practical, Level 6 Theory or Intermediate Rudiments

  • Grade 7 Practical, Level 7 Theory or Intermediate Rudiments

  • Grade 8  Practical, Level 8 Theory or Advanced Rudiments

  • Grade 9  Practical, Level 8 Theory or Advanced Rudiments, Level 9 History or History 1, Level 9 Harmony or Basic Harmony or Level 9 Keyboard Harmony or Basic Keyboard Harmony

  • Grade 10 Practical, Level 8 Theory or Advanced Rudiments, Level 9 History or History 1, Level 9 Harmony or Basic Harmony or Level 9 Keyboard Harmony or Basic Keyboard Harmony, Level 10 History or History 2, Level 10 Harmony & Counterpoint or Intermediate Harmony or Level 10 Keyboard Harmony or Intermediate Keyboard Harmony

  • ARCT Performer's

  • LRCM in Piano Performance

  • ARCT in Piano Pedagogy

Daily inquires are welcome! 

After each class, you or your child may be having questions about the hand position, notes, rhythm or fingering of a particular part in the music.  With our online service, you can send us specific questions and we will be sure to provide you with videos, images and feed back to clarify any question you might have.

Are online lessons effective?

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Sheet Music
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Sample Accompaniment Recordings                  (various genres)                    

Bedshaped (Keane)
It Don't Mean a Thing
O Holy Night (Ave Maria)
Waving Through a Window
Domine Deus Mass in C minor

Pop Music Vocal Production Program

Pursue Your Dreams

In addition to our one-on-one instruction, our studio producers are able to create professional, costume-made, full instrumental tracks from recordings of you singing. At an affordable cost,  we are also able to provide accompaniment track to any song that you may need for concerts, auditions, ensembles or lessons. 

We are able to record in any genre (Classical,  Jazz, Pop) at any difficulty level or tempi, transpose to any key, with the suggested dynamics and articulation. 

Classical accompaniment recordings, will follow specific dynamics, tempi and articulation and will be made on a concert grand piano. Upon receiving the recordings, you are more than welcome to use them at any festival, concert or exam. 

Another unique part of the service is the precise audio transcriptions that we are able to do from YouTube videos/any other link. This is done with careful listening in a situation where you cannot find the sheet music and would be interested in a custom-made accompaniment recording. 

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